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Founded in 1982, Karla Otto is a full-service brand-building agency, operating from fifteen cities across the globe.

What we do

Karla Otto’s service is unparalleled. Built on the founder’s pioneering spirit, discerning eye and intuition, our global team is dedicated to delivering work that expertly combines detail and local precision with large-scale impact.

Blending the best of fashion, beauty, design, lifestyle, and arts & culture, we offer a panoramic view of opportunities and the ability to execute complex ideas.

Our loyal network and unrivalled approach to culture and community enables us to take brands to brave new territories.

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About The Independents

The Independents is a global group of industry leaders across luxury and lifestyle, comprising Atelier Athem, Atelier LUM, Bureau Betak, Bureau Future, CTZAR, INCA Event, K2, Karla Otto, Kennedy, Lefty, PRODJECT and The Qode. The collective is powerfully positioned to offer streamlined strategy, creative, talent, influencer marketing, experiences and communications services for leading brands across key territories.

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